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Mr. O’Flaherty – Belfast Foot and Ankle Surgeon Visit To Berlin Charite Hospital

Charité Hospital Berlin

Mr. O’Flaherty recently had the opportunity to visit the Charite Hospital in Berlin, Germany.

The Charité Berlin is a famous clinical centre. It is Europe’s largest university hospital, and, for many years in a row, has been awarded “Germany’s Best Hospital” – the highest national ranking for hospital medical quality. Within its more than 300-years history, the Charité Berlin has evolved into an international hotspot for cutting edge clinical research – about half of the German Nobel Prize Laureates for medicine come from this clinic.

Last month, Mr. O’Flaherty not only had the chance to visit the hospital, but was fortunate enough to be able to ‘scrub in’ and operate with one of the hospital’s Professors of Foot and Ankle Surgery.

‘We often operate on difficult cases with our Consultant colleagues here in Belfast, but this was an unique opportunity to see what our European colleagues are doing. I spent a day operating in the hospital, observing the entire patient journey from hospital bed to theatre. I am glad to say that it reinforced the fact that we are very much on the cutting edge of surgery here in Belfast, but it was also useful to pick up tips and techniques that we don’t see so often here, and that may help in the day to day management of our patients in Northern Ireland’.

Amongst the cases seen were innovative ‘keyhole’ stabilisation of torn ankle ligaments, minimally invasive surgery for hammer toes and flat foot surgery.


If you are suffering from a foot or ankle problem and are unsure what your options are, Mr. O’Flaherty can help guide you through them. Whether it be referral onwards for orthotics, a programme of physiotherapy, or a decision regarding surgery, Mr. O’Flaherty can help you come to the decision that best suits your individual needs.

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