Coronavirus Outbreak – Resumption of Appointments

As you are aware, we are currently going through unprecedented times with the outbreak of this disease. We encourage you to follow government advice and avoid any unecessary travel and interaction with others. Respect social distancing. The NI Executive provide regular updates about what steps are required.

We are pleased to announce the commencement of Face to Face appointments again with Mr. O’Flaherty.

We appreciate that times have been particularly difficult recently and we are looking forward to slowly moving out of lockdown.

Appointments on a face to face basis will be under strict guidelines. Patients will be expected to attend alone, or if needing assistance, with the help of only one person. Each establishment will have its own particular requirements, but essentially they are there for your safety. These include temperature checks at the doors, regular use of hand sanitiser and PPE equipment for staff.

New and Review appointments are the first service available. New appointments, and indeed reviews, are still possible by WhatsApp or Zoom/Skype. If you wish to avail of this method of contact, please email us at

Please note that elective surgery is not yet permitted. It is hoped that in the coming weeks, this will slowly return to normal. We are hoping to begin tentative surgical procedures in Kingsbridge Hospital initially, starting in July. There will be specific measures undertaken for any patients wishing to avail of surgery during these times. This will include:

Self Isolation for 7 days at home prior to date of admission

A Covid-19 Swab test approx 2-3 days prior to admission

Specific consenting to recognise the risks of contracting Coronavirus around the time of surgery.

We look forward to seeing you in a clinic soon.

TwentySix Clinic